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How to Use Ultraviolet in Your Wedding Flowers

Ultraviolet has been named the Color of the Year for 2018, and rightly so! This deeply vibrant color falls between lavender and eggplant and makes for the perfect addition to spring and summer wedding flowers.

Various shades and hues of purple wedding flowers can be used for big and bold statement pieces, or, if you can’t quite commit to such a daring look, you can sprinkle hints of this stunning shade of purple in your wedding flowers for added depth. 

From flower girls to groomsman, there are a wide variety of light and dark purple flowers, and every shade in between that can suit any wedding design style and personal taste. Here’s what you should know on how to use ultraviolet in your wedding flowers. 

Ultra-Stunning with Ultraviolet

Purple is a strong color, but surprisingly versatile when used in wedding flowers. While any hue in purple spectrum pairs quite naturally with white flowers, there are a wide variety of other colors that are complimentary including shades of green, pink, and even yellow! You can even choose a monochromatic look for your wedding flowers with various shades of ultraviolet, lavender, and purple. 

For those who are looking for fragrant ultraviolet flowers, you can choose to add lavender hyacinths or scented stock to your wedding flowers. These aromatic blooms will add a touch of sweet perfume to any bouquet. 

Calla lilies and roses offer one of the widest ranges of purple tones to work with. These stunning flowers are always in season and are sturdy enough to hold up to beach and garden wedding venues. 

Ultraviolet trailing flowers add a graceful touch to wedding flowers and arrangements. Sweet peas, lobelia, and wisteria are three great choices to incorporate shades of purple into a gorgeous cascading bouquet. 

Using dark purple wedding flowers can sometimes present a challenge, as this vivid deep violet shade can easily disappear into the shadows of larger arrangements. Consider incorporating a Biedermeier design to combine pink and white flowers to provide enough contrast and showcase these deeply rich purple hues.  

Gorgeously Simplistic

If you are looking for something less tidy and a little more informal, you still have plenty of options. Consider adding some long slender grasses or flower spires to add texture to your bouquet. Spires can be found in a wide range of purple from light to dark hues including gladiolus, snapdragons, liatris, and more. For added bulk, you can add stunning varieties of calla lilies, orchids, and gorgeous dahlias to your flower arrangements. 

For vintage style weddings and informal ceremonies, consider pansies and violets, which are abundant in the spring. Bunching together a number of small blossoms in a floral posy helps to create an eye-catching arrangement that won’t overwhelm a simplistic gown or ceremony. 

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