The 5 Best Wedding Planning Tips for 2018

Planning your wedding in 2018 doesn’t have to be filled with stress and overwhelming details! Here are the 5 best wedding planning tips for 2018 to help you choose the perfect look and feel for your special event. 

Remember What’s Truly Important

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and should be treated as such, but- it’s important to keep in mind what’s truly important. Don’t let the details of a wedding make you forget the new life you and your soon-to-be-spouse are about to embark upon! Enjoy each moment along the way and make sure your memories are of joy and appreciation for each other.

Share the Responsibilities

While your soon-to-be-spouse may not have been planning a wedding since childhood, they more than likely have an opinion or two and should have a say in planning your event. Have your spouse-to-be get involved with things like menu options, music selections, and budgeting. 

Set a Realistic Budget

When setting the budget, be sure to consider the logistics you’ll need for your event. For instance, if you’re planning an outdoor wedding you’ll need to consider additional costs for things like:

  • Bathroom rentals
  • Generators for lighting, heating or cooling, and sound
  • Kitchen facility rental
  • And more!

Be Mindful of Space

Of course, you want everyone there for your wedding— but it’s important to consider the space of your venue. You’ll want your guests to feel free to mingle and dance, not as if they are in a cramped, crowded elevator. 

Timing is Everything

When it comes to your 2018 wedding, timing is everything. From catering to getting the best photos and even venue availability, your timing is essential to the success of your event.

For the absolute best wedding photos, work with your photographer and schedule your ceremony and photo sessions for the best lighting. 

Before you set a specific date, consider the most common problematic dates in 2018. This can include conflicting events like family reunions to national holidays and championship sporting events. 

For the best bridal flowers, don’t get stuck on one specific flower— rather, focus on a variety of blooms in a hue that will coordinate with your theme. To help lower costs, work with a floral designer who can help you choose flowers that typically blooms around the same time of year. This helps ensure you’ll find voluptuous and vibrant flowers for your bouquets, without blowing the budget! 


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